Perfect game, during which you can feel like a special forces man, running along with the same professionals and destroying enemies.

You serve in a secret security unit and only have passed the main stage of preparation. Now you need to demonstrate how well you have learned all the necessary skills in handling weapons. But do not expect that you will take the exam in the local shooting gallery – you immediately sent to the task.

The game is designed for many participants. If you miss the army adrenaline, choose this game for yourself. The shooter is equally suitable for both children and adults.

How to play

You have to clean up the territory from a group of terrorists. You have a lot of opportunities to prove yourself in the game with several modes and a whole crowd of enemies, use the beautiful arsenal of modern firearms. And only one thing is needed – run the game!

Try to first notice the appearance of the enemy and shoot, your blunder can cost the character of life. In the game, the standard control: movement with W, A, S, D, change the weapon – E, strike – click the mouse.