Zombs Royale oi

A quality shooter Zombs Royale oi, in which you can play, logged in, or you can as a guest. You do not play here yourself, but against a whole group of such fighters. Your soldier makes his way to someone else’s territory, inflicting as much damage as possible on the enemy, and, saving his own strength. You need to destroy all and clear the zone of the shooters.

To start the game, you need to login. Otherwise, you play as a guest. Before the start of the shootout, it is also recommended buying weapons and equipment that can be improved during the game.

At the very beginning of your status, the number of points, the number of murders and deaths. Here, the existing zones are registered in the form of a table, to which you can join.

How to play Zombs Royale oi?

Moving is carried out using WASD on the keyboard. The left mouse button is responsible for the shooting. In a new and cool game you can play with a friend, having spent with him a lot of time, shooting from super powerful weapons to enemies.

You are a tough guy who happened to be in the territory, which contains a hundred other players. You are a hero who does not stop at anything, which could hinder the mission. The exploration of a new land is something to do in the near future, landing on an unknown terrain. Now the fate of the game is in your hands!